Just a quick one. Regarding the wooden ankh in the guitar case, I've noticed in a few places there have been descriptions of a message on the scroll that said if Sayid dies the Others are in trouble. I don't think it is that literal, and a common trip-up a lot of people make as episodes come out (especially when editing the wiki) is taking a line of dialogue and interpreting it literally.

Hurley asked what was on the list, and Lennon told him the list said that if Sayid dies, they are in trouble. That doesn't suggest to me that there's an actual line on the scroll that says "Dear temple: If Sayid dies you are in trouble, Jacob xox". What I think is more likely (and far more elegant) is simply that because Sayid Jarrahs name is on the list, his death means trouble. I think as we get new information the real key is to take it slow, especially when it comes to taking things that new or mysterious characters say as gospel.

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