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    I came across someone who quoted this as being from someone who worked for Bad Robot, the production company that made Lost.

    I can't confirm the validity of that claim, but what he says is pretty interesting in itself, so I thought I'd share :)

    [Good stuff on here! I can finally throw in my two cents! I've had to bite my tongue for far too long. Also, hopefully I can answer some of John's questions about Dharma and the "pointless breadcrumbs" that really, weren't so pointless ...

    First ... The Island:

    It was real. Everything that happened on the island that we saw throughout the 6 seasons was real. Forget the final image of the plane crash, it was put in purposely to f*&k with people's heads and show how far the show had come. They really cras…

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    Okay, so I thought it was really cool, and very cleverly tongue-in-cheek, how the one thing that prompted Ben to remember the island was getting a beat-down. Of all the things to signify his time on the island, it was the fact that he got regularly owned to the point where it was a well-known joke. Very cool.

    So, one of the more subtle but very entertaining questions left in the show is: What do you think will be the trigger for each character? On the assumption that everyone is going to converge at this upcoming concert (an interesting metaphor in itself), it's safe to bet that each of them will recieve an awakening of some kind.

    This is an old-school, classic Lost, theory-bait scenario that I think a lot have people have overlooked due…

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    A physicist from Caltech recently tweeted that he'd been talking with the creators of Lost and talking with them regarding the time-travel.

    Someone posted about it in the main Lostpedia forum, and I dunno how many people here read that (I don't personally, the people there are very... serious). There were complaints about spoilers, but there's nothing specific - just a very interesting inside look on the technical side of what's been going on but be warned that it does address some themes that might arise. The guy then signed in and commented on the thread... it's pretty cool.

    And a blog he had written previous to season six regarding time-travel:


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    Was at the weekly pub quiz with my team and we ended up tying for second, which meant that there is a tie breaker round, with a numerical answer, and whichever team guessed closest would have gotten the second prize, while the other team gets third.

    The question was: "How many people were on Oceanic Flight 815 in the TV show Lost?" All eyes on me.

    And I had no damn clue. Since you only have 20 seconds to get the answer in, I said 108, without considering how big a 777-sized plane is, and then was nervous as hell because I would be pissed off I lost a trivia contest based on a Lost question. Luckily the other team had no idea either and guessed 69, but the actual answer was around 300.

    Out of curiosity, is there anyone who could have gotten …

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    Okay, a friend just linked me to a theory that had a very interesting connection. If you go here [1], you will see the '42 Negative Confessions' from the Book of the Dead, an artifact that dates to ancient Egypt.

    To save your time, here are six of them:

    1. 4 - I have not slain men and women.
    2. 8 - I have not uttered lies.
    3. 15 - I have not attacked any man.
    4. 16 - I am not a man of deceit.
    5. 23 - I have terrorised none.
    6. 42 - I have not slain the cattle belonging to the god.

    If we line these up with the characters with those numbers; Locke (4) - Certainly has not slain men and women. Hurkey (8) - He may have told lies during his life, but he's not really a liar per se. Sawyer (15) - This one falls down a bit. Sayid (16) - This one too (The theory I read …

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