So, I've decided that in order for me to acknowledge and deal with my obsession with this show is to write my theories and thoughts. Mind you, I failed biology in High School, so dissecting is not my biggest strong suit. I've also decided to steer clear of any discussion boards that could lead me off my thought path, so I apologize in advance for any theories that have already been mentioned, but, please, tell me if they have because I'll feel a lot better and proud of myself knowing I was smart enough to "get it."

Since NetFlix offers Season 1-4 on "Instant Watch" and, yes, I should do something better with my time like keeping in shape, reading, blah...blah..., I felt I could offer a few "Hmmmm..." or "Huh?" moments myself, so here we go:

Tonight as I re-watched the first part of the pilot, I watched the background carefully, for fear the "big clue" was staring us in the face the whole time. At work today, my fellow co-worker/LOSTie thought I was nuts when I couldn't get over the whole Jack-putting-on-his-dad's-shoes-on-Locke scene. I felt a slight sigh of relief and confirmation when Jack offered his hiking abilities to seek out the cockpit. Kate steps up to join him on this quest and he advises her "you're gonna need a better pair of shoes." She then walks over to a deceased passenger and uses his shoes. At this point I found it interesting that the mood music changed tone to a tingling and creepy feel. When they arrive at the cockpit, the pilot is suddenly brought back to life right after Kate touches him. Also, at that time, Jack asks Kate where Charlie is and when she turns around, we catch a quick glipse of a deceased passenger who looks an awful lot like Jacob. This is when Smokie or The Artist Formerly Known As Smokie (AKA Jacob) makes an appearance and ends the pilot. I also think there is some significance in the rain and how it stops and starts suddenly. Probably nothing, but Locke sitting in the rain, holding his hands out is telling me something besides the fact he's glad he's been healed of his paralysis.

Coincidences? Who knows with this show. Maybe they're expecting us to go back and FF/Rewind/Pause every episode to analyze and take notes to throw us off. All I can say is, it's been a great journey, so far.

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