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November 23, 2009
  • FixxFan1987

    So, I've decided that in order for me to acknowledge and deal with my obsession with this show is to write my theories and thoughts. Mind you, I failed biology in High School, so dissecting is not my biggest strong suit. I've also decided to steer clear of any discussion boards that could lead me off my thought path, so I apologize in advance for any theories that have already been mentioned, but, please, tell me if they have because I'll feel a lot better and proud of myself knowing I was smart enough to "get it."

    Since NetFlix offers Season 1-4 on "Instant Watch" and, yes, I should do something better with my time like keeping in shape, reading, blah...blah..., I felt I could offer a few "Hmmmm..." or "Huh?" moments myself, so here we go: …

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  • FixxFan1987

    As little as 4 hours ago I completed watching all the episodes from start to finish. I started watching in September, but came to a road block when I discovered that season 5 had not yet been released on DVD. TORTURE!!

    So why did it take me this long to discover this gem? When it was revealed back in 2004 that they were doing a show about plane crash victims stuck on an island, I yawned. I didn't feel like investing in a show that I didn't think a ex-Party of Five alum could lead. What I failed to do was check out the cast members. If I had known that my all-time favorite actor was on, Terry O'Quinn, I would've changed my mind in a heartbeat. I fell in love with Terry when he played a very convincing Howard Hughes in The Aviator. I wasn't a…

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