(Many comments, first blog)

Alright, after episode five, I think there are great reunions ahead of us which will probably result in great scenes. I just wanted to know which of them you are most excited for. You can pick any couple of characters, i.e. Sun and Jin, Jack and (Man In) Locke, Kate and Claire, Ben and Widmore (if they somehow meet before the end of the series), ...

My vote goes to Kate and Claire, just because Kate tries to find Claire to save her and to tell her her son is alright, while Claire would kill her if she knew she took Aaron (which is not true, first Sawyer took Aaron because Claire left him alone in the jungle, after that Kate took him to the beach, handed him over to Sun who took him with her to the freighter, so it's not really a one-man's-action here).

Anyway, my vote goes to a face-off between Kate and Claire, which reunion are you most excited for?

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