I was thinking about the mysteries and the outstanding questions in the Lost series, for example: the skeletons in the polar bear cave, the exploration of the DHARMA stations by Radzinsky, his life with Kelvin in the Swan and the time that they was painting the blast door map. In this blog I’ll show you a story I wrote two days ago, is set in the period of the Purge. Maybe they’re sad parts, but I wrote it so that every part can fit with other stories.

The story

In the Pearl

Mike the technician
Mike, the Pearl technician.

It was an ordinary day, Mike and Wallace, two technicians of the DHARMA Initiative was monitoring in the Pearl, the stations of the DI and the protocol of the Swan Station, but that day, they thought that the lies of the Initiative were enough, so, decided that they should explore where the Swan was located to warn to the workers in the Swan Station that the protocol was a lie, but they had no maps and geographical tools, only the notebooks and pencils that the project gave them, they spent many months exploring and drawing in the maps island locations like rivers and topography, but one day when they returned from one of his trips, they realized that some cameras in the stations had been disconnected, and they didn't understand why: The purge began and the Hostiles was chasing members of the DHARMA Initiative. They didn't realize what was happening, they took some canned food and they escaped from the Pearl to the Swan asking for help. They didn't know where was located, but Mike and Wallace made their best effort to find the door entrance of the station, they was so many hours looking for that place, that were lost in the jungle and it was getting dark, in that moment they decided to sleep in the gruond hoping not face any danger.

In search of the Swan Station

The Pearl observation room.

The next day, when it dawned, the two DHARMA workers continued walking to the Swan, in the distance they saw a herd of polar bears which was looking for food, they didn’t understand how this creatures could live in a tropical island and where they came from, but in that moment that didn’t matter, they were in danger of death, so, Mike and his friend hid in some bushes very slowly until the bears go from that place, Wallace took his pencil and notebook and he wrote about the existence of the polar bears in the island and their behavior. When they saw the bears leave that place and walked several meters, they went ahead with the trip underestimating their intelligence and his cunning. Shortly after they left the hideout, the polar bears smelled the workers and they ran toward them. Mike and Wallace also ran, but they weren’t so faster as their predators.

Radzinsky's jurney

Further Instructions 11
The skeletons in the polar bear cave.

After a few months, Stuart Radzinsky, in one of his travels to the DHARMA stations he found a cave where they were two skeletons inside with a bag, and he didn’t know how they died or who killed them, he though that was "Cerberus", hurried, took the Wallace’s bag and he ran again to the Swan to prevent a possible attack from the Monster, when he arrived at the station, he took off his HAZMAT suit and told to his companion Kelvin what he found in the jungle, a bag with maps and notations of the Pearl workers.

Working in the blast door map

2x23 KelvinMap
Kelvin writes notes on the blast door map.

Radzinsky and Kelvin were working for many years in a huge map too in a blast door of the Swan, but it was incomplete, they was missing data of the geography and notes of locations of the Island that were very important to the map; Stuart forced a lockdown to engage the blast doors in order to continue their work on the map. Kelvin prepared laundry detergent to draw the notations of Mike and Wallace on the map. When they finished the work on the blast door, they began to ask why they left the station, and why they was so far from their place of work, the only conclusion they could reach was that something was wrong outside and the best option was to prevent and stop exploring the Island. Kelvin went to the hatch and he hid it with branches and mud when he did this; went back to the Swan door entrance and he also camouflaged it with vines and creepers.

Problems in the Swan

Radzinski stain
Radzinsky's remains in the Swan.

Everything was fine in the station, but the isolation was raging in his partner Stuart, the protocol and the numbers was collapsing him mentally, he was so affected that he began to write strange words in latin and physical and engineering equations in the map, and a week later, while Kelvin was sleeping, Radzinsky took a shotgun from the armory, he placed the gun and pulled the tigger. Kelvin woke up startled by the shot, he went to the living area and saw him dead in the floor. Before the completition of the 108 minutes, he bury Stuart near the hatch, he couldn’t move far the Swan, because otherwise the Hostlies could attack him.

Years later

Years passed, Desmond arrived on the Island, Kelvin died later, there was a system failure in the Swan on September 22, 2004, the Oceanic Flight 815 crashed and its survivors were forced to adapt, but eventually they discovered that the island kept many secrets, including a mysterious smoke monster, polar bears, a strange french woman and another group of island residents known as "The Others".

So there you have it. All my theories (and theories of other users) of the Lost series compilated in a large story. What do you think?