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  • I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • I was born on February 1
  • FedericoF

    Well, I finally had the opportunity to choose my numbers for the Quini-6 lottery and I guess you know which numbers I chose. Here's the ticket:

    I only hit the numbers 4 and 23, just in the same order, unfortunately I didn't won anything, but I still have the ticket with The Numbers, which is great. Did any of you bet the same numbers in the lottery or something?

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  • FedericoF

    I found a short video, I never saw it before. It has been made by a fan of Lost, Corey Vidal in the original sets of The Barracks, The Temple, The Hydra and The Orchid.

    The story he tells us, The Man Who Brought Us Here isn't perfect, the performances neither... but it's a great production and shows how Lost remained in the general culture, how this series wrote history in television and surely will be consolidated like a memorable fiction series. This also shows that with totally unknown actors, a mysterious plot where nothing is explained is possible to create a production relatively so exciting like Lost with few resources. What do you think about this?
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  • FedericoF

    Many of you know I wrote some months ago a story to solve the mystery of the skeletons in the polar bear cave, the exploration of the DHARMA stations by Radzinsky and the period where he was living with Kelvin Inman painting the blast door map.

    Today I'll show you the story about Henry Gale, the mysterious traveler who arrived to the Island approximately between October 9, 2003 and the last months of 2004. In an interview, the producers of Lost declined to say whether more information would be revealed about Henry Gale during Season 6 and they didn't solved his past during the show. So I thought, what if I write about Henry Gale's trip on his balloon? And suddenly came to my head great ideas to write a story about him. I hope you enjoy this …

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  • FedericoF

    Surely many of you noticed debunked theories pages, for example:

    • Lost Continent (theory)
    • Last Humans (debunked theory)
    • Dreamtime (theory)

    ...and many other old descarted theories. Years ago we incorporated the tabs for each article on Lostpedia, so we don't need them. We should tell to the admins about the deletion of these articles. What do you think?

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  • FedericoF

    Happy LOST Valentine's Day!

    February 14, 2011 by FedericoF

    Due the lack of original advertisements for Valentine's Day (this year there were very few in comparison with other years), I'll show you some Lost Valentine cards. This good joke on the subject, combined with Lost is the perfect mix.

    While I was boring, checking some Lost things in fan sites, I found on a post about a guy who made this cards.

    (Click the images to see in detail)

    It could be a great idea to send them to a person you want, including a user, your girlfriend or whatever you want. I personally like the Sawyer one and Jack one.

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