Questions That Are Still Unanswered

Just a List of Lost's still unanswered questions (both old and new):

  • Who shot at the group of the boat?
  • What are Walt's powers and why does he have them?
  • Why did Smokey take the form of the spider to paulolies Nikki?
  • How can Hurley and Miles communicate with the dead?
  • What is MiB's real name?
  • Why do pregnant woman die on the island?
  • Is Frank dead or alive?
  • In the FST, who is David's mother?
  • In the FST, where is Christian Shephard's body?
  • How does Mrs. Hawking know so damn much?
  • Just what is the connection between the OT and FST?
  • Who is the real good guy?
  • Who is the real bad guy?
  • Why is Desmond so special?

Any more to add? Please suggest below.

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