• Faythoffenrir

    Just a List of Lost's still unanswered questions (both old and new):

    • Who shot at the group of the boat?
    • What are Walt's powers and why does he have them?
    • Why did Smokey take the form of the spider to paulolies Nikki?
    • How can Hurley and Miles communicate with the dead?
    • What is MiB's real name?
    • Why do pregnant woman die on the island?
    • Is Frank dead or alive?
    • In the FST, who is David's mother?
    • In the FST, where is Christian Shephard's body?
    • How does Mrs. Hawking know so damn much?
    • Just what is the connection between the OT and FST?
    • Who is the real good guy?
    • Who is the real bad guy?
    • Why is Desmond so special?

    Any more to add? Please suggest below.

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  • Faythoffenrir

    After last nights episode I immediately thought of some things.

    I don't believe that the smoke monster is actually Jacob's brother. The smoke monster is actually the light, and giving it a human body gave it a form to take. MiB and his consciousness are LONG gone. When Jacob threw his brother into the light-cave, it gave the light/smoke monster a form to take. Smokey is a different being entirely. He doesn't take over the body when he (or should I say "it") becomes the person, as evidenced by Flocke. He gains control over the form of the person and their memories. MiB was just his "original" default form. Locke is his current default form.

    What do you think?

    (Also, I am glad that this puts an end to all the Aaron=MiB nonsense.)

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  • Faythoffenrir

    Since last nights episode, I have developed two new theories.

    Think about it. All the characters who have remembered the OT have had something similar to what happened to them in the original timeline happens to them.

    • Libby: Met Hurley.
    • Charlie: Nearly died.
    • Hurley: Went on a picnic with Libby.
    • Desmond: Met penny at the stadium.
    • Daniel: Saw Charlotte.
    • Locke: His injury made him remember somewhat.

    How will other characters remember things? My theories:

    • Claire: Giving birth.
    • Kate: Being there when Claire gives birth.
    • Juliet and Sawyer: They meet up somehow.
    • Jack: Meets up with Kate when Claire is giving birth.
    • Miles: No idea.
    • Charlotte: No idea.
    • Boone: Convinces Shannon to get out of the abusive relationship.
    • Ben: No idea.
    • Jin and Sun: The birth of their dau…

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  • Faythoffenrir

    What, in your opinion, is the best episode title in Lost, and why?

    I like "Tricia Tanaka is Dead" because of how it sums up the episode in darkly humorous way.

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  • Faythoffenrir

    Look familiar? The image on the screen is a deleted scene from season 1 of Lost!

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