I was reading through lostpedia, in particularly, the section about the creation/conception of the show and something caught my attention:

[Abrams had the idea of making the island itself a "character"]


Could Nemesis be the physical representation of the Island?

I know everyone thinks smokey is Nemesis, but I find it hard to believe given Nemesis didn't know that smokey took the form of Alex and told Ben told follow Locke no matter what. Maybe the Island (Nemesis) doesn't want people to keep coming and destroying the Island, or another words, Jacob keep bringing people to the Island, because all they do is destroy?

Nemesis did take over Locke, who is real life, talks about human nature, the self and the limits of human understanding. Also the concept of natural law and such.

I don't have any proof but I wanted to start the discussion and see what you all thought.

Either that or Nemesis is Joop who has evolved over millions of years, and time traveled back to the future in a delorian. :) sorry, back to being serious.

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