Because if the plane never crashes then the freighter doesn't come and Locke doesn't go to Jacob's cabin and Christian does'nt tell him to move the island and ben doesn't turn the wheel and the wheel never gets stuck and the mighty survivors of 815 never time travel and ultimately they never go back to 1954 when Neil Frogurt gets killed by flaming arrows! If this is true, look to see him in season seis.

I mean come on, if Frogurt dies that's thousands of frozen yogurt customers that go without frozen yogurt...and that to me is scary.

Like Eloise says, "If they don't get back then god help us all..."

Your my boy frogurt, ever since the "Aaron Burr" commercial. Wait "Aaron" Burr? Maybe Frogurt is really Aaron from the future, and he is next in line to become Jacob. I mean come on. Is it really that far fetched. I think I'm on to something...

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