Okay everyone, for writers or non writers, I'm starting a zombie season writing contest. It's quite simple: your season can be in script or normal book format, and can take place at anytime, and can take the place of certain events.


The story can take place at anytime. Say you want to cancel the season Six events with your story. Just date and explain your story. It could be a prequel, and it could be a sequel. Write your story in Episode format. And title the episodes.


The best way to submit is to get a free account at, go to the upload feature, and upload your already saved story. Then you can copy the embedded link.


When everyone has written the first episode, we will vote for the favorite. Just post the name of the writer of your favorite in a comment, or message me.


After we've voted and the winner for episode 1 is done, the second episode continues from the winners episode, and so on and so on.

I will start it off: href=""

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