I know this isn't Lost related, but I need unbiased real opinions. I plan on being a writer, and here is my current book idea. Im currently writing it.

The Prologue is a timeline, an altered, fictional timeline leading up to World War II. There are some major differences from what really happened. And the main point is that WWII went very differently. Here is a rundown of the WWII differences: 1. Germany was MUCH more powerful. 2. The Third Reich invaded France instead of Poland, and the French quickly folded. 3. The U.S. gets involved in 1940, but can't do much in Europe. 4. The Russians surrender after a massive dual invasion by the Nazi's and Japan. 5. Britain attempts to surrender, but Nazi Germany invades anyway. 6. Nazi Germany invades Japan, wins, and fires Nuclear Warheads at the U.S., crippling it. The Germans overthrow the American government.

At this point, it is 1948. The Concentration camps are reopened, and all POWs, minorities, and anyone who speaks out are thrown in. The main character, James Enfield, is a prisoner in camp number 15 (the camps no longer have names), and successfully plans a revolt. Once the prisoners take over, they attack other camps, and amass a resistance force of all nationalities and cultures.

What do you guys think? (that is, if you bothered to read any of it.)

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