The Votes: Favorite Season

Our second poll: What is your favorite season, and why? You get ONE choice.

Options Season 1- Intro, mostly about the survivors. Season 2- The Hatch and Tailies, real intro to others. Season 3- The Others, Desmond's flashes, intro of flash forwards. Missing Pieces- Mobisodes about random things. Season 4- The Freighter, Oceanic 6, flash forwards continue. Season 5- Time Flashes, history of significant others, wrapping up back stories, Dharma, Jughead. Season 6- Flash Sideways, Temple, Man in Black, history of the island, the source, deaths, The End.

My verdict: Season 5. I like Season 5, because of the time flashes and Dharma. I think it is very interesting and intriguing, and action packed. If I could pick a second one, it would be Season 6.

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