Hello my dear new friends on Lostpedia. I come here today with a broken heart. I watched the new man in charge on mega video today. Very good ep, I won't spoil it, I just have to say, it was amazing. But it was sad. Not the episode, but the fact that it was the last episode of lost ever made. And yet so many questions: Pregnancy (welll kind of, they hinted at jughead), Dharma origins, walts ability, Mother's history, the statue, the exact nature of smokie, or why man in black as smoke, but not jack, Outrigger chase, ilana's past.

I have entered a lost depression. But I found the answer: either a season or spinoff called LOST: The answers, or a spinoff/sequel detailing Hugo and Ben's time, which could answer things ( Hugo talks to dead).

So we must petition or rally. This will probably be in vane, but maybe we can spread to other forums. I would really love another season. Darlton wouldn't have to waste so much time with this. It wouldn't need but two stars, and would be pretty simple.

I know most of you will probably laugh and throw fish biscuits at me, but please, put your vote in for another season/spinoff. We could spread, and get noticed by them. (Fat chance.)

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