So another blog on here mentioned that Ajira flight 316 took off in January of 2008 and landed on the island in 2007. This struck me as odd since I didn't remember the show stating this as a fact. I searched around on this site and it is indeed mentioned several times, but I can't seem to find any evidence for it. The one thing I did find was that "Jeremy Bentham"'s passport was stamped, December 2007, but I don't consider that proof for many reasons:

1. If his passport was stamped in 12/07, that's still 31 days for the flight to occur (minus the time he spent trying to convince people). 2. It could be a forgery. I mean, the rest of the passport was. 3. The time stamp could simply be a prop continuity error. 4. When Locke goes to see Walt in New York, there is no snow, people are wearing light clothing, and the trees are green. Pretty odd for December in New York. I mean it could be unseasonably warm weather, but the trees would still be bare, they weren't pine trees. (Also I realize this was filmed in Hawaii and could also be another error)

So, if there are so many mentions of the Ajira flight taking place in 2008, what is the other evidence? I would love to be proven wrong.

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