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February 12, 2009
  • Fang7124

    On the trivia section for "The Candidate, there is mention of the meaning behind the episode title and it states, "the subtextual revelation that Sun -- and not Jin -- was a candidate to replace Jacob"

    When and where is this revelation? When Widmore has the gun on Kate, he just mentions "the Kwons". Is there another instance? Am I missing something?

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  • Fang7124

    Annie Wallace? Possiblility?

    February 25, 2010 by Fang7124

    The one time she was shown, Annie was just a girl (or was she?). And then she was gone and there was no mention of her since, Although Damon and Carlton stated she was an important character, there hasn't been any elaboration. Now there are 13 episodes left. Are they going to follow through?

    Jacob told Hurley that someone was coming to the island and told Hurley to turn the lighthouse to 108 degrees. Whether he actually intended to use the lighthouse to get the person to come to the island or actually meant it more for Jack is up for debate I guess, but the name on the 108 line was Wallace. Could it be Annie's surname?

    If you feel like it, vote on the probability of this being correct.

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  • Fang7124

    we have yet to see Shannon (possibly not on the plane in that universe from what Boone said), Eko, Libby, Ana Lucia, Michael, Walt, Nikki, or Paolo. Will they show these characters going on with their normal lives? Walt is unlikely since he's not a little kid anymore like he's supposed to be in 2004, but what about the others?


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  • Fang7124

    So I read a blog entry by SeriesOfDreams about how the island is always moving and there were windows through which 815 and 316 passed through and crashed on the island. SeriesOfDreams posed the question that if there were numerous windows to the island over time, wouldn't there be numerous crashes and survivors on the island? For some reason I couldn't comment directly on that page so I'm doing it here.

    Anyway, here it is. Just because a window is open, doesn't mean something has to come through it. Especially if the window is only open for a brief time.

    Well, my introduction was longer than the actual reply, oh well.

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  • Fang7124

    Like since the crash. There seem to be some lingering camera pans and shots of Locke that don't really make sense for some certain episodes as a standalone. And sometimes Locke's personality would. . . shift and seem out of character; not completely taking over, but sort of coming through a bit, ya know? Have the creators been planning it from the beginning? I dunno, maybe I'm just crazy.

    And I know the Man in Black didn't use Locke's body after 316 crashed, but maybe he was using it earlier to gain knowledge of his future facade.

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