• Fakeshemp

    Jimmy Kimmel Live

    May 25, 2010 by Fakeshemp

    Everyone should go to Hulu or to watch his show from Sunday right after the the finale. Most of the Lost cast is on hand. The Jacob cameo is hilarious. Q&A session is kinda lame, but the show it self was AWESOME.

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  • Fakeshemp

    Since "Unanswered Questions" is the only blog article on Lostpedia that logs me out when I visit its page, I started my own. Go figure.

    So anyway, what are the unanswered questions that we can reasonably expect an answer to tonight?...

    a few of mine, feel free to add.

    • What is Des planning to do at the concert and why does he need all the Losties there? Will Sayid get to the concert?
    • What is the significance of the sunken island? Is this how MIB destroyed it?
    • How did Desmond get out of the well?
    • Will MIB be named? or will he forever be remembered alongside the nameless protagonists of Rebecca, Fight Club and Layer Cake?
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  • Fakeshemp

    Face value

    March 4, 2010 by Fakeshemp

    OK just a thought but there are a lot of crazy theories on here regarding all the significant action so far this season. What if we are supposed to be taking everything at face value and the writers aren't throwing us curveballs this season. I can't really think of any characters lying that weren't dealt with immediately in the storyline. MIB is evil so he can lie; but what if we are just getting a straightforward story (with a bonus flash sideways, lol). Maybe we should all relax and just enjoy the final ride, it is 33% over after all.

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  • Fakeshemp

    My theory after the Lighthouse is this...Jacob and MIB are playing a game with peoples lives and the winner gets to leave the island. Jacob is wagering that he can find one worthy candidate meeting some mysterious criteria, among X number of people; and MIB is wagering that all X number of people will be found wanting, and thus die on the island.

    We now know that they each have a place to keep score and cross of names at their own leisure. Of all the names written in the cave and the lighthouse, only 6 are not crossed off. So if this is near the end of the game, Jacob, after crossing off names for decades or more, may have a very small pool of candidates to work with. And if MIB can win the game by crossing off the final six names, then he …

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