• Fabianokm

    Hi everybody. I'm rewatching Lost and I came up with a question. I tried to look for the answer in Lostpedia (which has been my pocket guide since season 2 was airing), but I couldn't find it, so I've been instructed to create this post.

    At the end of 5x05 "This Place is Death", Locke's group is flashing through time and they end up in an unknown period, where Daniel stays with a dying Charlotte, and Sawyer, Juliet, Jin and Miles go help Locke find the well to go down there and turn the wheel. While he's going down, there's another flash and they're taken to some time before 1867 (because the Statue is still up). I suppose Locke, as he fell down the well and ended up in the wheel chamber, also travelled to this time.

    But Christian/Man in Bla…

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