Well so far we've had the same order of centric episodes from season 1, and well lets be honest, the first sun-centric episode is called "House Of The Rising Sun" and the next episode is called "Sundown" so now we know it the next episode is Sun-centric, but will this trend continue after this episode, the episode after "House Of The Rising Sun" is "The Moth" which is a Charlie-centric episode, will we get a Sawyer-centric episode or a Charlie-centric episode only focusing on him in the flash sideways (obviously). I would rather have a Charlie-centric episode. What do you guys want expect from this episode.

  • This is not a spoiler, it is pure speculation, I have no idea as to what will happen on the next episode, I have never read a spoiler, except for accidentally reading about Jin being alive way back after the freighter explosion.

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