We all know not every mystery is going to be solved by the end of the series, and i think some of them are better that way. Now here is my top eleven list of mysteries that I think probably won't get solved:

1.- The numbers - This is one of those things better left alone, because no matter what explanation do the writers give it will probably disappoint many fans.

2.- Libby in Santa Rosa - So now we have flash sideways right? Well then how could the writers explain this, because as we know that universe is different, so unless she appears as a ghost and tells Hurley "y'know what I was actually a crazy stalker and I've been following since you were coo-coo for cocoa puffs".

3.- The whispers - Well same thing as the numbers they're just good to speculate about them and an explanation would just piss many people off.

4.- Walt's Powers - The actor is now 17, how would you explain his growth?, how would he be relevant in the story?, how could you explain the story?, these questions just make it really difficult to tell of Walt's powers. Unless Ben or some other explains it, but that would just be a rip off, imagine Ben saying "Well Jack, you see, Walt is a freaking psychic he can control birds and make them crash and fall into the ground" see?

5.- Richard Malkin - Did he know or did he not know the plane was gonna crash? ho was the "LA couple"? Jack & Kate? I would personally like this question answered, but it seems really hard how could it fit into the story.

6.- Radzinsky & the Blast Door Map, what the hell, throw Inman in there - Unless our friends travel more in time or find the Pearl tapes I don't see in what way could it be answered. I wanted this one to be answered really bad though.

7.- Who's glass eyeball is it? - First of all it's not even relevant, second of all, who gives a damn.

8.- Where are Rose & Bernard? - Just leave them alone !!! come on they just want to have they're little cabin in the beach. I think it's just better (and more possible) if they remain isolated, for they're own safety.

9.- What happened to the DHARMA initiative after the Purge? - This question may or may not be answered, I just needed to include this in here. Because there are so many questions related this one is a tricky one, I hope we get more answers about them and not just ditch them back in 1977 in the season 5 finale. Are they still operating? Where are the De Groots? Alvar Hanso? Why didn't they just use the Lamp Post again? What's up with all the stations? Sri Lanka video? Dr. Pierre Chang? These and many questions about DHARMA are just preventing me from sleeping, but I know they all won't be answered. On a side note it is my life's dream that after the finale they make another game, good one this time, and just let it be about the DI.

10.- Eloise's Powers - When we saw her talking to Desmond about destiny and course correcting universe we knew she was special, she was the others' leader, Faraday is her son and she got the Oceanic 6 (minus Aaron) Ben, Locke, Lapidus and the 316 passengers, well she seems a bit special, she KNOWS many things that will happen, are supposed to happen, and happened. But we won't know her full extent powers and her past and relationships. It would just not feel right to have an explanation, I like her just the way she is, mysterious.

11.- WTF IS THE HURLEY BIRD? - Sadly we all know this is the biggest lost mystery, yet it will never be solved...

Well that's it for the list, I hoped this mysteries would get solved, unless I specified, but as long as Hurley survives everything I'm good.

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