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February 1, 2010
  • FLocke

    Guys I'm scared

    February 28, 2010 by FLocke

    Okay I think I may have bad luck in the future, so I'm in my Biology class and we had a test and the print date was on it, it was February 23 at 8:16:15 Im not joking, just thought it would be funny to mention it :P

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  • FLocke

    SUNrise SUNdown

    February 24, 2010 by FLocke

    Well so far we've had the same order of centric episodes from season 1, and well lets be honest, the first sun-centric episode is called "House Of The Rising Sun" and the next episode is called "Sundown" so now we know it the next episode is Sun-centric, but will this trend continue after this episode, the episode after "House Of The Rising Sun" is "The Moth" which is a Charlie-centric episode, will we get a Sawyer-centric episode or a Charlie-centric episode only focusing on him in the flash sideways (obviously). I would rather have a Charlie-centric episode. What do you guys want expect from this episode.

    • This is not a spoiler, it is pure speculation, I have no idea as to what will happen on the next episode, I have never read a spoiler, …
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  • FLocke

    Just realized something...

    February 20, 2010 by FLocke

    I just realized this, and may I say it is a really good tool of the producers. The Titles of all the episodes so far have to do with the Flash Sideways Timeline!!!! Sure you could say "LA X - Sawyer says "This don't look like LAX to me"" or "What Kate does - Kate does something on this episode" or "The Substitute - may refer to Jacob's possible replacement" well honestly I think they are hints for what the episode is about, personally I think next episode will be Jack-centric and will locate him in the Lamp Post. I know this is a very irrelevant theory, sorry if anyone already posted something similar.

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  • FLocke

    Ben H-Bomb and More!!!!

    February 18, 2010 by FLocke

    I have heard many times that the H-Bomb is not the reason the Island sunk, they say because "Ben is still alive and out of the Island on Locke's Flash Sideways". Well it may be that the H-Bomb didn't sink the Island, and while that may be true I can show you how it is possible the Island sank because of the H-Bomb. When Juliet made Jughead explode there was the possible paradox, if 815 never crashes then who goes back in time and create the events that set off the explosion of Jughead. Because of this paradox the timeline splits and we get the two realities we are watching right now, and Oh Boy Ben is not an evil SOB and he's off the Island. Well this is because Ben was never shot by Sayid, I know that the timeline split when Jughead deto…

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  • FLocke

    We all know not every mystery is going to be solved by the end of the series, and i think some of them are better that way. Now here is my top eleven list of mysteries that I think probably won't get solved:

    1.- The numbers - This is one of those things better left alone, because no matter what explanation do the writers give it will probably disappoint many fans.

    2.- Libby in Santa Rosa - So now we have flash sideways right? Well then how could the writers explain this, because as we know that universe is different, so unless she appears as a ghost and tells Hurley "y'know what I was actually a crazy stalker and I've been following since you were coo-coo for cocoa puffs".

    3.- The whispers - Well same thing as the numbers they're just good to…

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