I have read people on Lostpedia saying things like LOST is "confusing", "hard to follow" or a "mind f*ck" of some kind. This seems very strange to me. I guess I am not near as avid a fan as some people, but I have always found LOST pretty easy to follow. Sure it is full of great mysteries and crazy plot twists, but nothing seems out of bounds or above and beyond any other great story telling. All of the elements that constitute good television programming are present and that makes for a wonderfully entertaining experience to me. However, it seems like some fans are often left bitter, unsatisfied and all but entertained following new broadcasts. I don't want to express my personal opinion as to why this may be, but I am curious to know what you think. Especially if you feel like LOST is as easy to follow as any other good book, movie or TV show, like I do.

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