First of all I would like to hope that Lost will not end in a disappointing way. I like to think the writers had a plan in the beginning but they have made their changes from their original product. Also, i don't enjoy that most of the first 5 seasons are irrelevant to what is really going on now. I've seen every season multiple times and it frustrates me that for the most part you didn't really need to watch all of it. The Dharma Initiative really has no relevance to this season or the overall picture at this point unless they are going to tie something in with it later this season. I personally do not like the way they have added the alternate time line and since they added it better make for a great series finale in order for me to appreciate it wasting over half of the episode they could be using to tell the actual story of the island. I feel the alternate time line is just time filler in order make this season last for 18 hours and that they will tie it in vaguely. I watched the Com-icon footage well before the season began and listen to creators talk about how it would take a few months for viewers to understand where the show went in the final season. I like this portion of finale if it happens. Unfortunately with the alternate time line, in my opinion these 2 time lines will have to come together at some point. I think either the island people will get off via sub-marine or with the airplane or that the alternate time line people will actually make it back to the island in some way. I haven't really put together anything that would make sense of how or what make then want to go to the island in the alternate time line as well as the island be under water. These points make me lead towards the people getting off the island and some how picking up in the alternate time line. I don't agree with most people that MIB and Jacob are the same person. Although this does seem typical for the creators to make this happen because it is rather illogical that two bodies can be one. One being the good side of the person and the other being the bad. It is rather clear that Jacob knew all of this is going to happen and as long as his plan goes accordingly it will work out in his favor. Jacob mentioned people were coming to the island to Hurley in the Lighthouse episode and he also mentioned people coming at his death in the Season 5 finale. In the Season 5 finale it's debatable whether or not he was talking about Illana's group or if he was talking about Widemore and he could be talking about someone that hasn't came yet. Also this is possible for when he spoke to Hurley about people coming. If he was talking about Widemore then Jacob and Widemore almost appear to be working together because Jacob wanted Hurley to help them find the island but it also didn't matter cause he said they would find it anyways without his help. Since Jacob and Ben never spoke to each other there was never actual proof that i can recall that it was Jacobs choice for banishing widemore. Maybe the others voted or something but I don't think he was actually banished. So i believe that Jacob is intentionally bringing Widemore to the island to help carry out his overall plan. Jack has actually figured out that there is an overall purpose for them being on the island. In my opinion, this puts him at the top of the list for candidates for Jacobs job. Before this season i liked to think that Jacob brought the candidates to island to come together and lead the island as a team instead of have one individual do it. This theory appears to be flawed now given certain things that have happened but it's still possible i think. I like to think that Jacob gave individuals special abilities to use together that would help them protect the island. This could explain why certain candidates are good at different things like hurley seeing dead people and talking to them along with miles seeing how people died and hearing their final thoughts. Sawyer can use his abilities to manipulate people against each other and Sayid is there to get answers from people they need them from. Jack is the overall healer, he has the ability to save people when they become ill or are dying. This portion is flawed because they have the water at the temple to do this when the water is clear so its just a theory i had before this season started. It doesn't seem very possible at this point but a far stretch for it still. Also i took a large consideration of what Jacob said to MIB in the beginning of season 5 on the beach. MIB: "they come, fight, they destroy, they corrupt, it all ends the same." Jacob: "if it only ends once, everything that happens before that is just progress". I think this conversation is huge in trying to predict the overall picture of the show. If you think about what has happened in the past seasons then you can piece in some the things MIB was saying happens typically. Jacob's plan is to have it only end once. I think this where he is trying to get Widemore to come to the island because he knows he is looking of revenge and will wage war to claim the island back. Jacob wants both sides to fight it out until there is nothing left but the person he wants in charge and possible the people that are willing to follow and do what is in the best interest of the island. This is my take on the show up to this point. Plenty of flaws in my thoughts but i can see something happening with my last theory about the overall picture. --Eweier11 08:51, March 17, 2010 (UTC)

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