I know we've gone over the man biblical similarities of lost, although "Across the Sea" had some more similarities that I was thinking about. They keep referencing Adam and Eve, which makes me think about the Island and the similarities to the garden of Eden. In the garden Adam and Eve were created in the image of God, and so there was the evidence of God in every human and the Bible describes God as light. (LOST: There is part of the light in every man; similarity).

In the garden there was two trees; one that brought life and one that brought the knowledge of good and evil and with it, corruption and death. (LOST: There is a place that holds life and rebirth, but also death).

Now Satan (who had been an angel but wanted the power of God and tried to take it) convinced Adam and Eve that if they would take the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, she would become like God. (LOST: If they try to take the power for themselves the light goes out and all is corrupted). When Adam and Eve eat the fruit they bring death and corruption to the world. (LOST: The MIB is seeking the power to have what is not his, e.g. leaving the Island, and because of that, he becomes corrupted and death enters the Island, e.g. the smoke monster).

When the fall of man happened things that were initially good became cursed (Is it possible that because the smoke monster/evil was let out that things that were initially good, like the numbers representing the candidates who protect the island, became cursed and now cause havok?)

At the end of the fall of man story, God places an angel at the garden to guard the tree of life so that men can't return to it. The garden of Eden is then hidden from men. (LOST: Jacob is the guardian of the light so that men cannot come and take it's power and the Island is hidden so that men cannot find it.)

God sees the good in humans because he sees Himself (the light) in them and works to help them see it, Satan sees the worst in humans because he sees the corruption and works to destroy them with it. (LOST: Jacob believes that there is inherent good (light) in people, the MIB uses their lust for more power and corruption to destroy them)

NOTE: It was kinda late last night when I came up with all of this, so take from it what you will.

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