First of all, of all the great stories out there, I believe LOST to be one of them. I may cause an uprising of the geeks, but I would say that LOST is on the same level of storytelling as Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia and Star Wars. It may not be better than those, but it is, in my opinion, on the same level.

Now I realize that Star Wars is a film series, and that Lord of the Rings and Narnia are novels, but in a way, I think LOST is somewhere in between. It is definitely on the same level, and frankly much better than most movies. However, I have always thought that LOST is more like reading a good book than watching a movie or TV. It feels like it moves in chapters rather than episodes or seasons. Some of those chapters are a little slow or not quite as exciting as others, but they are very necessary to the story. Some people watch and get upset over certain episodes, but I'm never too worried, because one episode is only part of a larger "chapter" of the book.

So as I finish the story of LOST tonight, as I finish reading the final chapter that we've been reading for the past three weeks or so, I look back on what is, was, and will be, a great story. If I don't totally like the end, who cares? I know some people that think Frodo should have not gone to the Undying Lands or that Darth Vader should not have died (And yes, they are wrong, haha). But no matter how much you like the endings, They are all still fantastic stories. Fantastic stories are rare. So all we are left with tonight is the same thing as every great story we've ever read; THE END.

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