Watching Lost i've noticed ben seems to know more than he lets on. In season 3 while having eggs with kate,she asked about jack and sawyer.Ben says you asked about sawyer first,insinuating he knew of the love triangle. In season 5,sawyer and kate brought him to the others because he was shot.Richard said he would change forever as a side effect of healing but he was the same kid and knew of the hostiles.He was scared to death of his father when widmore told them they would be reunited soon.So i think he was just healed not CHANGED FOREVER.I feel he was aware of the losties after the incident and remembered things about them personally [perhaps through spying,as we've seen ben do before].Ben was probally semi-conscious when kate and sawyer were bringing him to the others and heard the conversations they had.In season 4, after ben turned the wheel and ended up in tunisia .He was pretty set up [money passports etc.],maybe he knew he would have to move the island and bring Jack and co. back to the island.I might be forgetting some instances but it seemed he knew alot about the losties.I think season 6 made him out to be a pawn in the feud between jacob and M.I.B., but he really found his redemption in season 6.I like the redemption for ben in season 6[hitting rock bottom there is only one way to go].Ben was most likely up in the ranks with eloise and charles[knowing].There was no reason for ben to be jealous of locke because he was special in the scheme of things.maybe not special as in john locke terms but special.I feel ben knew the losties were important to his future as well as the islands.

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