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    Ben Linus

    August 27, 2010 by Evil locke
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  • Evil locke

    Watching Lost i've noticed ben seems to know more than he lets on. In season 3 while having eggs with kate,she asked about jack and sawyer.Ben says you asked about sawyer first,insinuating he knew of the love triangle. In season 5,sawyer and kate brought him to the others because he was shot.Richard said he would change forever as a side effect of healing but he was the same kid and knew of the hostiles.He was scared to death of his father when widmore told them they would be reunited soon.So i think he was just healed not CHANGED FOREVER.I feel he was aware of the losties after the incident and remembered things about them personally [perhaps through spying,as we've seen ben do before].Ben was probally semi-conscious when kate and sawye…

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  • Evil locke

    Mysteries solved

    August 25, 2010 by Evil locke

    Some people are upset because Lost ended with too many questions up in the air.The producers of the show told us to leave the finale up to interpertation,So i think the questions lingering should be handled in the same context.We are all hardcore fans who have seen every episode a bazillion times,I think us fans can solve the mysteries on our until a possible movie ....all the answers are there if you don't believe me watch lost 1-6 and new man in charge again,the answers are there to figure out.I myself just have one thing to know about ,not a question but i wanted to see m.i.b. more during the dharma times.I feel he could have helped to initate the purge with his vendetta with jacob.M.i.b. could have been appearing to other dharma folk[b…

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