Widmore spent his time wisely on the Island uncovering a lot of its secrets. He wanted to use said secrets for his own purpose. He seemed surprised that Sawyer didn't know more about what was going on-Recon. MiB would do or say just about anything to get off the Island. Ben usurped Widmore's leadership putting damper on his plans. After Widmore lost his power he was banished but the deal was still in effect. Widmore had a grudge against Ben ever since.

The deal In exchange for his freedom MiB wil give Widmore full control of the Island and its secrets with Ben's head on a platter as cherry on top.

In order for any of this to work, the Island has to be purged; Jacob and everyone on the island has to die. -if there is no warden and no replacement prisoner(s) go free. MiB has stated to the Others at the temple and at the statue, Jacob is dead, you are now free. -In Dr. Linus, MiB freed Ben from Ilana's chain and offered him control of the Island if he kills Ilana then go to Hydra Island. Ilana is Jacob's last defense, with out her the candidates are lost, and Widmore is waiting/making preparations on Hydra Island.

Widmore is erecting a containment unit on Hydra Island using the pylons. MiB cannot leave the Island in his present form, he needs to shed his smokey side and regain his humanity. Whatever is in that locked cupboard on the sub and the containment unit will be used.--Evelyn10 17:32, March 17, 2010 (UTC)

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