• Evelyn10

    First Recruit

    March 31, 2010 by Evelyn10

    Richard was recruited by MiB when he "saved him" by touching him, offering him water and releasing him from his chains. MiB, then solidified Richard's belief that he was in hell, by giving him a knife to kill the devil, Jacob.

    Jacob dunked him in the ocean, told him he wasn't in hell, gave him life eternal by touching him, then offered him a job. He gave Richard a white rock to give to the MiB.

    He was claimed by both but chose to go with Jacob.

    --Evelyn10 02:04, March 31, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Evelyn10

    Clueless Ben

    March 17, 2010 by Evelyn10

    Is it it that Ben was not as knowlegeable as he claimed. We know that he had never communicated with Jacob although he pretended to. Ben did not fully understand the rules if he did he would have known that Alex was in real danger. Ben didn't know about the candidates, he wasn't a true leader, Jacob didn't appoint him he took the power, therefore he wasn't brought in the "need to know loop" He is very cunning and used his smarts to gather information, thus learning that certain people are hard to kill.

    He thought that because she was born on the Island that Alex was one of the protected and totally believed she wouldn't die. What Ben didn't know it was Danielle who was the candidate not Alex.

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  • Evelyn10

    Widmore spent his time wisely on the Island uncovering a lot of its secrets. He wanted to use said secrets for his own purpose. He seemed surprised that Sawyer didn't know more about what was going on-Recon. MiB would do or say just about anything to get off the Island. Ben usurped Widmore's leadership putting damper on his plans. After Widmore lost his power he was banished but the deal was still in effect. Widmore had a grudge against Ben ever since.

    The deal In exchange for his freedom MiB wil give Widmore full control of the Island and its secrets with Ben's head on a platter as cherry on top.

    In order for any of this to work, the Island has to be purged; Jacob and everyone on the island has to die. -if there is no warden and no re…

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  • Evelyn10

    Has anyone who has read the Harry Potter series noticed how Ben's redemption parallel's the a scene in the HP books? It's the scene where Harry asked Dumbledore why he is not the Minister of Magic. Dumbledore's answer was that through past experience he had come to realise that he is not meant to be a leader. In the past when he had tried to attain power it was through force, although he had convinced himself it was for the better good. His actions led to the death of his sister an innocent. Ben sort power through force, he had convinced himself that what he was doing was for the betterment of the Island in the OT; the kids in the Highschool in the FS. But when faced with the consequences of his actions he made the decision to look o…

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