I'm perfectly aware that this is a rather stupid topic for a post on Lostpedia, but I felt a bit compelled. I was rewatching "Whatever happened, happened" and I feel that, as long as we're posing questions, why the hell doesn't Kate listen to anything except Patsy Cline? I mean, I love Tom Waits, but I think after a certain amount of years of constant submersion I would probably want to change it up a bit. I mean, I get the whole... I've left the island and I can return to the old favorites idea, but when we see her in this one it's been a little while... She's been mainlanding for a nice little clip. I think the island may be forcing her melancholy. Then again, she may just identify more with Patsy because of the plane crash. I know that this is kinda pointless, but could Kate's "island playlist" only consist of a little bit of Cline? It's a little one-dimensional, to tell you the truth. Then again, this is a television show, so maybe I should shut the hell up and wait for the "crazy Ben/temple/monster" episode and not think too deeply on things that have no bearing. Eh, it might also be interesting to have a debate on something that doesn't matter at all every once and a while. Heh, I guess we do anyway. Regardless, Patsy rules... so, it doesn't really matter anyway.

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