So, most if not all of us know that the real reason that Mr. Eko is not a cast member right now is that Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (yeah I cut and pasted it... what? It's faster.) didn't want to live in Hawaii... and we all know what a living hell it is down there. Anyways, we know that Carlton and Lindleof had a four year arch planned for Eko (four years=six seasons of show total), so he was definitely going to be here till the end. His highly abrupt and cryptic death has to be an indication of a large, if not the most important, mystery. It seems that he was rejected because he wouldn't confess and bend his will to the island/smoke/nemesis/whatever. I'm pretty sure that this has been mentioned before, but the question I'd like to pose to you all is, what do you think would be going on with Locke right now if Eko hadn't died? What would have happened with the man of science/man of faith thing with two men of faith? What sides could Eko and Locke have been split into? I know we've been talking endlessly about what's going to happen, but let's have a little speculative discussion about what could have happened. Really would like to think this out a little with people. Let's give our brains a little air.

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