Realizing that we're in the very short time left in which we don't really have anything too substantive to talk about... who remembers Invasion? It was the body snatcher show that aired on ABC after LOST during the second season. Does anybody remember how cool that show was? It got screwed by Hurricane Katrina and ABC, but I decided to derail my third rewatch since the end of season 5 (the one in the middle was to show it to a girl, so I am less insane) by watching the first and only season. This show really was a perfect companion to LOST and we would all have been watching it after LOST every week had it continued beyond the first season. If you haven't seen it, you should. I think that it is on par or better than the sci-fi shows that people keep comparing to LOST (Flashforward, Fringe, and V [Although, I really dig Fringe and V]). If you like LOST I'd be surprised if you don't like Invasion.

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