Unquestionably, one of the most important (if not THE most important) questions in our minds right now is: what does the explosion mean? What will its consequences be? Has the explosion created a new timeline, or has it made the pastaways jump into the future, i.e., the present of the ongoing timeline? Obviously there´s no way of knowing what´s really gonna happen until season six premiers early next year, but i was curious as to what you think about this. Undoubtedly, and like many people, i´m assuming there was an actual explosion, and i´m also assuming such explosion will have consequences. The incident might be resolved in many many ways, but here i´m just considering the most obvious choices. So, taking into account all these assumptions, I´m curious as to what people think will happen and what they want to happen. Do you think the current timeline will be rebooted? Do you think it´ll remain the same and the pastaways be brought into the future?

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