A bit of wild speculation concerning Faraday´s origin

Since Faraday´s untimely (lol) death in The Variable, I´ve been thinking about his real origin. It´s certain now that Über Hot Eloise Hawking is his mom; now, when it comes to his father, to his biological father... well, that´s where things start to get muddy. Charles Widmore said he was his father, but i don´t buy that bs; and when in Follow the Leader he said "why does he seem so familiar?", I don´t think the similarity he finds in Daniel is due to his being his son. Actually, I think he finds Daniel familiar because he looks a lot like Alvar Hanso, and I guess the Hostiles are very well acquainted with the leader of the Dharmanites. Just look at the Sri Lanka video! (I know some people have already found this physical similarity; but some of the theories on the subject point to the possibility of Daniel being Alvar Hanso himself; now, considering Daniel´s death, i find that slightly difficult -though not impossible, of course). So, my guess is, maybe Daniel Faraday is, really, Alvar Hanso´s son. What if, somehow, Eloise Hawking and Alvar Hanso meet in the continent and have an affair? What if the result of such an affair is the conception of Daniel? I know it´s kind of far-fetched, but if you think about it for a bit, it makes sense. And if this were the case, it would be extremely significant that Hanso´s son had such a tremendous influence on the demise of the Initiative.

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