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April 26, 2009
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    Unquestionably, one of the most important (if not THE most important) questions in our minds right now is: what does the explosion mean? What will its consequences be? Has the explosion created a new timeline, or has it made the pastaways jump into the future, i.e., the present of the ongoing timeline? Obviously there´s no way of knowing what´s really gonna happen until season six premiers early next year, but i was curious as to what you think about this. Undoubtedly, and like many people, i´m assuming there was an actual explosion, and i´m also assuming such explosion will have consequences. The incident might be resolved in many many ways, but here i´m just considering the most obvious choices. So, taking into account all these assumpti…

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  • Evacipated

    Hey, guys. Through a series of connections (which include a book by Depak Chopra called Life After Death, something called akasha, and Wikipedia), I came into something called "The General Evolution Research Group". I won´t discuss much about it here, because I just found out about it and I want you to make any conclusions you want to make regarding the subject. But, after you read it, what does it make you think of?

    The website of the group is [1]

    And the Wikipedia entry [2]

    And, to add more mystery, check the name of the founder. Ervin László. What famous Lost name does it remind you of?

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    Since Faraday´s untimely (lol) death in The Variable, I´ve been thinking about his real origin. It´s certain now that Über Hot Eloise Hawking is his mom; now, when it comes to his father, to his biological father... well, that´s where things start to get muddy. Charles Widmore said he was his father, but i don´t buy that bs; and when in Follow the Leader he said "why does he seem so familiar?", I don´t think the similarity he finds in Daniel is due to his being his son. Actually, I think he finds Daniel familiar because he looks a lot like Alvar Hanso, and I guess the Hostiles are very well acquainted with the leader of the Dharmanites. Just look at the Sri Lanka video! (I know some people have already found this physical similarity; but s…

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