So, the way Darlton ended everything left a WHOLE LOT up for speculation, and everyone has been speculating on the show since the finale. One thing people keep saying to me is "I cant't beleive they were all dead the whole time" and I'm like...what? i did'nt gather this from the finale, what do you guys think? From what i gathered. they crashed on the island, some died, some lived. When the bomb went off in the incident, instead of acting like a reset, it was more of a failsafe afterlife for them to be together in. At the end scene in the church, christian says to jack that hes dead and so is everyone else, but that some died before him, and some long long after. So the alt is their afterlife world where they've all been waiting for each other to move on to the next life.........or something like that anyways.....thoughts?

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