In The Package we were finally able to revisit Room 23. Jin woke up there and, after looking around for some time, turned on the mind-torture, "We are the causes of our own suffering", A Clockwork Orangey, multimedia experience. he freaked out and then Zoe comes in to tell him that the DI had made it to experiment on subliminal messages.

This got me thinking, because one of the first times that we hear or see anything about Jacob came in the Room 23 video with the still that reads "God loves you as He loved Jacob". Maybe, just maybe, the DI included that to try to implant a subliminal idea of Jacob, thus locating and maybe activating people's candidateness.

I dont know, it sounds like a bit of a stretch, but fusing this with the DI's experiments on electromagnetism, which seem to at least somewhat imprison Smokey on the island, leads me to think that the DI may have been connected with Jacob or something more than just being a bunch of scientists checking put this cool island habitat.

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