I was thinking about the alternate timeline the other day, and more than anything trying to figure out which timeline was the more real or more legit of the two. I would like to think that the timeline we have all invested the last half decade to is the more legit, but can there really be a way of knowing?

Either way, as I was thinking about this I suddenly thought, "what if both timelines are equally valid?" I was then reminded of the predestination vs. free will question in Christianity and the philosophy of Molinism, which says that people can make a choice and be predestined, because God sees all of the choices people would make in all possible worlds before choosing people. What if the two timelines are just different phases of all possible worlds, each with the same eventual conclusion, which will probably come at the series finale. Maybe being on the island is not the final destination, but an intermediary one?

What do you think?

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