Just got done watching The Package and, although it wasnt one of my favorite episodes so far, it was not a bad one at all, and it did make me think a lot about some things, and there are some feelings that I just cant seem to shake. So here goes (needless to say, dont read this if you havent seen the episode):

1.) Am I the only one that things that a Jin-Sun reunion may never happen? Like Keamy said, some people are not meant to be together. It seems that the sideways storylines, with the possible (?) exception of Locke, seem to show the way that things are gonna go for the people on the island. That is, Jack tries to reconcile the man he is with the man he wants to be, Ben finally sees the worth in selflessness, Sayid succumbs to his dark side, etc. It just seems to me that the way the Kwon's sideways line ended that a reunion may not be in the books, since Sun got shot, which brings me to...

2.) Sun got shot in the baby maker. Could this be some sort of parallel to the fact that the Kwon's are never supposed to have a family? Whether it is through being shot or Jin being gone. Also, who wants to bet Jack helps them at the hospital...with a special consult from Juliet?

3.) Desmond is back, and he's some kind of weapon!!! Is it just me, or is this gonna end badly for Penny? Parallels in the storylines seem to suggest it: Sayid sees a "freed" Kin first, then Sun gets Sayid sees a "freed" Desmond, meaning possible harm for Penny? Hope not, but with Lost we never know.

4.) Widmore is a good guy...I guess? He seems to be against MIB, so maybe he has just appeared to be such a bastard because he knows that he has to drive Desmond to the island to finish things. Or maybe he doesnt want all this mess to destroy Penny like it destroyed Daniel (literally). Or maybe he's just some old guy trying to reclaim what he considers his island, basically telling Smokey to get off his damn lawn. Finally...

5.) Sun forgets how to speak English. Really, guys? That's the best plot device you could come up with?

So, what do yall in the interwebs think? Am I being too pessimistic? Discuss.

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