So, I was listening to Coldplay the other day, and a song came on which reminded me a lot of Hurley.

The lyrics of the song start like this: "Those who are dead are not dead, they're just living in my head, and since I fell for that spell I am living thee as well". This reminded me of Hurley's visions of dead people, and how these dead people are in his head in the same way that he was at one point crazilly stuck in his own head.

This seemed interesting, and after last night's episode, the second part of the song stood out even more. It reads, "You thought you might be a ghost, you thought you might be a ghost. You didnt get to heaven but you made it close, you didnt get to heaven but you made it close". After last night's explanation of the whispers, I cannot think of a better description for them.

I know, this is frivolous and completely inconsequential, but that doesnt detract from how interesting it is. Also, as an added nugget of awesome, the name of the song? 42

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