I saw a recent discussion about why Jack woke up in the jungle during the Pilot, and I thought of another question that hasn't been recently addressed. Why did ANYONE survive the crash and end up on the beach!? This was an obvious question during season 1 that was kind of forgotten about. Are all the passengers in the time loop? If Jacob or Nemesis needed some of the main characters to show up to the island with "work to do", why did the other people on the plane survive? How did they survive? I know we see some walking from the water onto the beach, but I wonder if anyone woke up on the beach (similar to Jack blacking out and waking up)? What is it about the island or the forces controlling the island that allowed all those people to live after such a high-impact crash? I suspect that after Season 6, we will know how and why all those people were able to survive the actual crash, but maybe not. Has there been any Darlton answers to this that anyone is aware of? January needs to hurry up already...

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