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May 14, 2009
  • Estark13

    Response to No Spoilers

    November 19, 2009 by Estark13

    Just wanted to let the admin's know that I will no longer be coming to the Lostpedia Blog. I liked coming on here because it was spoiler-free and it was meant to simply discuss previously-aired (on TV or web) official LOST footage, and make predicitions of what is to come. It is unfortunate that a few could ruin it for many by posting spoilers or posting "predictions" that are actually spoilers (I have no proof of this, but I've read that this happens). It is hard to make people follow the rules, but it is a shame that a-holes like "Sawyerlookslikepaulphoenix" have to ruin things for everyone. I hadn't read ANY spoilers for next season, but I'm now afraid that I have read very specific "predictions" that are indeed spoilers. I just wa…

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  • Estark13

    I saw a recent discussion about why Jack woke up in the jungle during the Pilot, and I thought of another question that hasn't been recently addressed. Why did ANYONE survive the crash and end up on the beach!? This was an obvious question during season 1 that was kind of forgotten about. Are all the passengers in the time loop? If Jacob or Nemesis needed some of the main characters to show up to the island with "work to do", why did the other people on the plane survive? How did they survive? I know we see some walking from the water onto the beach, but I wonder if anyone woke up on the beach (similar to Jack blacking out and waking up)? What is it about the island or the forces controlling the island that allowed all those people …

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  • Estark13

    Widmore rooting for Locke

    October 29, 2009 by Estark13

    I am currently re-watching Season 5 and just got through "Jeremy Bentham". I thought the scene with Locke and Widmore at the Exit in Tunisia was very interesting. Widmore says he's "going to do everything in his power to help" John bring them back (OS). When John asks why, he says he wants to make sure John is back because there is a war coming and if he isn't on the island for it, the wrong side will win. Then they are outside, and Locke says "he said I would die". Widmore looked back in shock and said "I beg your pardon?!". Then Locke said it was Richard who said that, and Widmore says "I don't know why he said that, but I'm not going to let that happen".

    If we are to believe what Widmore is saying (might be a big "if"), I think thi…

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  • Estark13

    Confused with Desmond

    September 10, 2009 by Estark13

    I am rewatching season 4 and am confused with what happens with Desmond after his flashes to and from the past. When he first goes back, it is like his mind resets to 1996 (thats what year he thinks it is, he doesn't know about the island, doesn't know Sayid, etc). But when he talks to Penny, we as the audience think he is finally able to speak with her after all his time stuck on the island. But if his mind is still thinking its 1996, he actually has no concept of how long it has been since he talked to her last (chronologically anyways). Granted he is so emotional because he knows she saved his life by answering and it also proves that she still cares for him after 8 years (1996-2004).

    What I'm wondering is does his memory come back i…

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  • Estark13

    I just realized something I hadn't before about Desmond and his flashes. Let's look at what his flashes were (in season three):

    1. Locke's speech 2. Charlie gets struck by lightning in the tent 3. Charlie drowns trying to save Claire 4. Charlie slips on the rocks and breaks his neck 5. Hurley, Jin, Charlie, and himself walking through the woods. Flashes include finding the cable, seeing the red dot in the sky, the parachuter's legs hanging, Charlie getting hit with the arrow, etc. 6. Charlie drowns in the hatch after flicking the switch

    The first four flashes were events that he would have to somehow prevent in order for Charlie to live. But the fifth one was different in that he had to MAKE it happen. If he would have never had the fl…

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