I'm a late comer to LOST and Lostpedia, and I've really valued having this site to get me up to speed while I plowed through seasons 1-5 last Fall on Hulu. And during season 6 it's been a great asset in forming my own opinions on where things are going, subtleties that I missed, etc.

But along with the past few episodes I have seen numerous posts discussing events in the story in a way that assumes that those events will not be given further meaning later. Like Jin and Sun's death. Like everything in "Across the Sea". Like what Ben did in "What They Died For".

I believe "What They Died For" has largely contextualized events in the last few episodes, or at the very least left me confident that virtually everything that's happened in Season 6 will prove to be purposeful by the end of this coming Sunday night. But I feel like a lot of other commenters are like little kids playing peek-a-boo before they acquire object permanence - they think that what's in front of them is all there is and they get upset if it's not what they expect. They seem to forget that more will be revealed.

I'm kind of glad I didn't get into LOST during the past seasons, because if this is how the fanbase has been reacting all along I might have chucked the baby with the bathwater and lost interest in the whole phenomenon. I know it feels more personal because it's on TV, but think of LOST as a series of novels and maybe you can more readily enjoy what the creators have to throw our way without second guessing them for the 167 hours a week that you aren't getting new storyline. I may sound like a 'loyalist', but really I'm more in the "I'm the audience not the creator" faction. It's not my decision how the story goes.

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