I think we can all agree that Eloise Widmore seemed like she was still as in the know in the flash-sideways as she was in the original timeline.

What struck me as strange was that, if she believes Desmond "isn't ready" yet, then why did she hook him up with Charlie? Neither she nor Daniel seem to give a damn about DriveShaft or anyone's anybody actin like they're stupid people and their 'spensive clothes.

She even mentions that rock stars have a bit of unpredictability to them. The only other time she said that something was unpredictable was after Des was shot and Ajira was in the air. Then, her tone was much more dismal.

All of this seems to support my initial theory about the sideways timeline that one timeline (LA X) shows the Man In Black as the victor with the island destroyed and his point proven that humans come, corrupt, and destroy. I believe the island timeline will show what the world looks like with Jacob as the victor.

Only then will true balance be restored, because with just the island timeline, the scales are tipped for white. With just LA X, the scales are tipped to dark.

This also seems to support why Widmore doesn't seem to care about the island at all in the LA X timeline, but is fanatically searching it out in the other timeline. I feel like the end to Daniel's equation, to Eloise sending the Ajira folks back, to all of that was to set off the bomb. But setting off the bomb was only to set up two parallel timelines to end the eternal battle and truly have balance.

The balance is what's important. Not Jacob or the MIB. Both of them need to be free for the universe to have balance.

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