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    FSW Walt

    April 10, 2010 by Epoch c90

    I was reading another blog entry (Lccf's "Missing Characters in the FST") and Walt was mentioned. After thinking about it for a while, it would be interesting to see Michael without Walt in the sideways. As in, without the Island, Walt does not exist. Just like with the Island, David doesn't exist.

    I don't know if the David-Walt thing would mean something or what ramifications that would have, but I know they can't show Walt in 2004 (since Malcolm David Kelly doesn't exactly look 10 anymore).

    This isn't a theory. I just think it would be interesting.

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  • Epoch c90


    April 10, 2010 by Epoch c90

    I don't think it's "love" that is necessary for the sideways to island flashes.

    Charlie almost died, triggering a strong emotion that was related to the island. Remember, Charlie died from asphyxia before (Ethan hung him). THAT'S where he saw Claire. Therefore, he was continually connected. I think it's a "once you're in, you're in" thing.

    Desmond almost died as well and had a similar underwater moment with Charlie. It wasn't love, it was a strong emotion connecting to another strong emotion.

    We don't quite know Daniel's trigger with Charlotte, but he seems to have always had a really strong connection to her.

    I don't think it's a near death experience that's necessary. I think it's simply a strong emotion related to something that happened on…

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  • Epoch c90

    I think we can all agree that Eloise Widmore seemed like she was still as in the know in the flash-sideways as she was in the original timeline.

    What struck me as strange was that, if she believes Desmond "isn't ready" yet, then why did she hook him up with Charlie? Neither she nor Daniel seem to give a damn about DriveShaft or anyone's anybody actin like they're stupid people and their 'spensive clothes.

    She even mentions that rock stars have a bit of unpredictability to them. The only other time she said that something was unpredictable was after Des was shot and Ajira was in the air. Then, her tone was much more dismal.

    All of this seems to support my initial theory about the sideways timeline that one timeline (LA X) shows the Man In Blac…

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    Is the infertility caused by Jacob?

    Fertile people become infertile on the island because Jacob doesn't want additional players in the game (especially kids, as seen by the Others). Jacob didn't touch Jin in the sideways, therefore Jin is not infertile. This may be messed up by Claire, Aaron, and Walt but it seems like Aaron and Walt were deliberately chosen to come to the island for one reason or another (with Claire and Michael only as catalysts to get them there).

    But, Jin was fertile on the island. Maybe this was to get Sun off the island and out of the game since Jin is the candidate (we recently pretty much found out that Widmore is working with Jacob). But Ben (who had to have been working with MIB off-island, even if it was unintenti…

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  • Epoch c90

    The Game

    March 27, 2010 by Epoch c90

    It seems that in the sideways timeline, Jacob is correct, but the Monster wins the game. I believe that Jacob is correct in that one because Cooper and Sawyer have both chosen a more virtuous path, while Kate (claims that she) is innocent, Claire still seems to be good, while Sayid and Jin are up to some shady business (even though Sayid is really trying). In these situations, the island is gone and presumably the Monster left since Jacob is (assumed to be) dead but our Losties are still making very complex moral decisions, not simply being corrupted.

    But, at the same time that Jacob is right, our Losties' corruption, arrogance, greed, lack of faith, and short-sightedness ended up destroying the island. Since I believe the island is the gam…

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