Lil' late, but I just watched the Oceanic Six A Conspiracy of Lies from the season 4 DVD. I thought it brilliant, a perfect comparison to real life conspiracy videos that have blossomed in the YouTube era.

However, I didn't think it went far enough. It articulated well the holes in the O6 "official story" but a good conspiracy should posit its own alternative story and demonstrate its superiority. Lost is ripe for alternative stories including, but certainly not limited to, the following advantages various people had for 815 to go missing:

  • Independent investigation reveals that Jack and Claire have the same father who JUST HAPPENED to die several days before the crash near Claire's home. A friend of the family reveals that Christian tried to visit Claire on that trip, drunk and angry and that Claire had before rejected having a relationship with Christian. Did Claire murder Christian? Or a friend of their family's? Did Claire accompany Christian's body en route to Los Angeles to assure she wasn't connected? Or did Jack lure Claire onto the flight unknowingly so that she would die during the crash? Jack, as a doctor and blood relative, had compassion on Claire's baby and arranged for Claire to remain alive long enough to deliver the baby. Jack passes Aaron to Kate. Kate's prosecuitor knows that Jack and Kate were romantically involved ("Do I love her? No. Not any more.") Jack passes Aaron to Kate because he knows he will later become engaged to Kate and regain custody of his half-nephew.
  • Sun, daughter of Mr Paik, has close ties to organized crime and vast amounts of money. The money she receives from Oceanic Air is invested into Paik Automotive, although she has never shown an interest in business before. Jin was closely linked with several murders just before the crash. Paik brought down the plane in order to keep Jin out of jail and Paik out of investigation. The money given to Sun helped recoup some of Paik's financial losses from the endeavor.
  • Sayid was working for the American FBI just days before the crash. As a former Iraqi soldier and having American secrets, the FBI had it out for Sayid. They believed he would die while infiltrating the Australian terrorists. The FBI gives Sayid the 815 plane ticket. The FBI brings down 815 to silence Sayid.
  • 815 was safely brought down and Reyes, with his fortunes, bribed his way back to civilization. The conspirators needed Reyes' money to finance the forgery.
  • Someone wanted to take out Edward Mars. They hired Kate to help and in return promised to give her revenge on Mars and her freedom by disappearing.
  • Anna Lucia Cortez is suspected of murder of Jason McCormack. She didn't die in the crash but disappeared to avoid jail, helped by the LAPD.
  • Mysteriously absent from inquisitors is everyone from Michael Dawson's family. Michael's mother has obtained custody of an unknown boy who appears just like Michael's estranged son, Walt, who appeared a month after the 815 crash but long before the O6. Michael has been sighted allegedly but is unknown.
  • Nikki and Paula are suspected of murder. Both conveniently disappeared on 815.

Of course you could create any kind of subplot you wanted involving the redshirts.

ephilei 21:14, March 6, 2010 (UTC)

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