4 8 15 16 23 42 >> 48° 15´ S 162° 34.2´ W its a spot in the Pacific

some other stuff the wonderlands from the myts: 1 atlantis & lemuria 2 shambala or shan grila 3 solar(white) island where there is no DISEASE nor PAIN 4 Dilmun (5) the island of Cthulhu - thiz thing iz really creepy & suietable, that thing comes out of space by the means of gadgets, fought the old ones ??? and then dwell here on EARTH in a sink sity or something, ask for more <Lilendure8> bout it

all characters has specific Destiny Bonds... they has some kind of RELATIONS with each other... Locke met Said's girl, Clair is Jack sister an so on, Hurley was in the same mental instetution with his girl... its like they all BELONG to the island fro,,,

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