i'm wondering about FST and OT for some people like Jack, Sawyer, Locke, Miles, Ben those people have great things that maybe they will choose (if they have the choise) to stay in FST. Jack has his son David, i don't think he can simply leave him away, or be convinced that he is not real, Sawyer maybe can find Juliet, Miles still has his father, Locke has good relation with his father, even Kate, in FST she told Claire "do you believe me if i told you i'm innocent", Ben has good relation with his father who seems to be very aware of Ben's future.

actully, i want to know why people like Desmond want to return to OT while in FST he got Money, Widmore approval, and i think he can get Peny heart, Hurly is a lucky man and his love libby is still alive.

UNLESS there is something very bad in FST.

what do you think????

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