• Emperor VI

    Directly to the point...

    Juliet failed to explode the bomb. The white flash at the end of the episode was the time travelling. Jack, Jin, Sawyer, Kate, Juliet, Miels (I do not know how exactly to spell it), Hurley and probably Bernard with Rose travelled back to their time. Cause for the time traveling is The Incident. The Incident is, as was suppose to be, due to drilling to the electromagnetic field. Miels'es theory that atomic bomb was the cause of The Incident is incorrect. Their attempt to intervene to the course of time had failed as bomb repeteadly refused to explode. (What happened happened)

    When Jacob said that "They are coming", I believe he meant our Losties from 1977.

    Regarding Mr.X i would like to say that I always thought that h…

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  • Emperor VI

    Sayyid is Horace

    May 19, 2009 by Emperor VI

    I don't believe that nobody had paid attention to the small detail in the last episode. I searched but I coud not find any blog about that detail.

    And the detail is that Sayyid took and put on Horace's overall.

    I believe in the second season when Hurley (or somebody else-i do not remember) first time finds a blue car he finds inside body on whose overall was label Horace written on it.

    So does it mean that the body belonged to Sayyid?! So Sayyid is doomed and won't recover from his wounds?

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